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From the depths of the 1920’s comes this summer’s most petrifying tale!

Come and see the story of a man lost in the jagged streets of a cursed city and feel the dread of being preyed by an unknown beast!

“There are hidden things that roam the dark corners of this city, I pray for a safe return to my wife. May God have me if not.”

Will he come back home to his wife after a high-class feast? Or will he succumb to the darkness that awaits him in the night?

Only your blood will know the answer…

Inspired by “The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari” and other silent movies.
Our submission for the Haunted PS1 Summers Of Screams Jam.


W,A,S,D - Walk;
Shift - Sprint;
Left Mouse Button - Blink, hold to keep eyes closed;
R - Restarts game.


Old film static from https://freesound.org/people/joedeshon/sounds/441675/

Horror Chase music from https://www.fesliyanstudios.com

Dark Ambient music from https://soundcloud.com/myuu/msp3danger

The game is still not 100% finished, so it is subject to change and expect to find bugs, slow loading times, FPS problems, etc...
And please feel free to give us your toughts about the game, and any ideas on how it could be improved, in the comments below!


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NightFeedGame.rar 32 MB


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Amazing artwork and Really good style to the game. 


Thanks you so much for the video! Loved your editing.


Nice, creepy game

Thanks for the video! And I am glad you found it creepy, thanks!


Hello, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?

But of course!



Nice game!✌✌✌✌


'Bouta use a man's phallus as a blood straw.

Thanks for the video Kieran!


My pleasure! ;{D


Was a very neat game. Exploration was encouraged by finding the key and using the right click to get the text that prompts one to find it. The graphics was great and looked old school yet spooky. The forest was especially spooky when the player is running away from the vampire as there were people scattered around the forest to scare the player as they saw them quickly as they were running away. The last intro was pretty fun and cool as well and added a lot to the story!

Thank you so much for playing! I posted on your video stuff about the game and your playthrough. And sorry for the late reply, i was making other projects for other Jams.


Hi, I played your game for a 3 random horror games video!

I really liked the vintage film style of the game, reminded me a lot of the classic Nosferatu movie.
It took me a while to figure out what to do, and honestly I wouldn’t have figured it out if it wasn’t for one of the videos on this page.
From what I can tell you need to close you eyes by the door you start next to, find out you need a key. Run to one side of the map and grab the key, run back and go through the door to the end.

Trouble is, the door was completely broken when I played. It wouldn’t open when I had the key, and it seems the turning point on the door was in the middle, not the hinges.
That meant I had to wiggle my way through the tight gap to get in and see the ending. Even stranger, the door does open without the key if you wiggle in.

All that said, I can see the effort and the potential of this game. It’s clearly made with a lot of love for the source material, and a tiny bit more polish it would’ve been great!
Keep up the great work!

Here’s my gameplay for those interested (time stamps in the description):

Hello, thank you so much for doing such an in depth deconstruction of the game's problems, we are indeed conscious that the game is heavily bugged and unfinished, this happened because we released the first completed build without testing it because of the Jam's limited time.
The size of the map wasn't fully tested, so parts of it seem redundant, but there is suposed to be this set of keys which you have to get to actually enter the house in the end, after getting the forest key, the door to the labirynth could be opened, and inside the labirynth you would get the keys to your house, and after that you would take a path that takes you to the cemetery and then back to your house, but since we did not test how it naturally felt to progress trough the game, most people found the door bug and tought it was the correct way, on the good side at least people saw the ending hehe. But we are reading and looking at all the feedback we are getting to remake the game in a near future, we plan on making the beginning a bit more linear so the main mechanics and theme are introduced, then remaking every area so they are more interesting and easier to explore and making the main objective way more obvious. Also thank you for explaining the diagonal movement, it indeed makes Nosferatu a non threat, we will be looking into that.
And thank you again for everything said! All this observations are stepping stones to the reconstruction of the game.


Tried to play but I get to the part where I pick something up in the woods and then it freezes on some dialogue 

That is strange, would the dialogue be happening when you click the left mouse button?
We are planning on fixing the whole game, so every reported bug is very useful, and until now we didn't hear about this one, so we would appreciate more details if possible, thank you!


Loved the aesthetic of the game. It's really easy to lose track of the first objective if you first move your character not in direction of your house without  clicking the LMB. And I kept dying because of no sound indication that somethings following me. 

Thank you! And indeed, many people missed the first objective since we didn't have time to put instructions about the blinking mechanic, and about the sound, we are thinking on some ways of making sound indications really obvious that still keep the "silent movie" aesthetic.
And thank you for the feedback, we are listing all critiques to fix the game soon, probably in a month or so we will begin to make some progress in revamping the game.


I loved its German Expressionist aesthetic. I think the trees should be a little taller but other than that it's great


Thank you! Glad to see you got the inspiration for the aesthetic. And indeed, we are planning on redoing the forest.


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😁

Thank you Rosti!


I enjoyed this one a lot! I think I broke the game though, I'm not too sure. It had good atmosphere an amazing art style which fit perfectly! I did receive a  copyright claim on my video due to the chase music, but its fine because I don't get ads anyway. XD All in all great game! Keep up the great work!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! The art style was the thing we had the most time to implement, unfortunately we had to rush the rest because of the time constraint of the Jam.
And yes, we mistakenly put a copyrighted song on the game, sorry!
We will be revamping (pun intended) the game in the future to fix all the bugs, change the music and make the objectives clear. And indeed you found a bug wich breaks the game's sequence, but atleast you saw the ending hehe.

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Thank you! Cool to see that the game worked!
The game is still very buggy, and it seems you also have found places out of bounds and sequence breaks hehe.
We are planning on fixing it soon based on all the feedback people are giving, thank you for the video!


Just curious, how does one achieve these very accurate "PS1" visuals. Is there a checklist to follow? I've been always curious about it and interested.

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We used a combination of the URP (Universal Render Pipeline) and a third party shader.

You can download URP from the Unity Package Manager.
Here is the third party Shader: URP-PSX by Kodrin

URP is used to get the fancy graphics stuff and the Shader is what makes everything look "retroish".

After importing both to your project, you will need to set up Post Processing, there are several tutorials
around the internet on how to do it, i would personally recommned you to search for "Brackey's" tutorials on youtube.

An (maybe) easier alternative, is getting the PSX shader on the Unity Store: PSX Effects
Unfortunately, he is not compatible with URP, so you would need to know a bit about Shaders in order to make it compatible and without Post Processing you can't get fancy graphics.


Map is too wide
(4 edits) (+1)

Oh wow, you speedrun the game haha, thank you! And it seems you also have found the bug with the half opening door, and you actually managed to pass through it.
And yes, the map is way too big and open, we are thinking on streamlining it so it's more obvious to where you should go.


I found the artstyle very interesting and the use of classic tropes like Dracula suited it very well. Though it was hard to figure out where you had to go. Besides that, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Thank you! We only had time to focus most on the game's style, the other stuff like level design, progression and "scares" were made when the GameJam was ending, so we didn't test it, and yeah, we are thinking on doing something to make the objectives very obvious on the map, so it is made clear where the player should go, and also in making Nosferatu/Dracula way more active in the map.
And i believe you found a bug or something haha, in which the door was semi-opening but you could not enter, thank you for finding it!


Gameplay has some issues but i loved the style!

Hello! Thank you for trying our game out!
And sorry for the key confusion, we did not have time to test the level progression, so indeed it is very confusing finding the correct way to go, but you indeed started to go the correct way, only it seems that by jumping the wall of the labyrinth you have broken the sequence progression hehehe, that's our bad, we are lookin to fix the whole game, especially this labyrinth part by making it easier to find and more interesting to go through .


I like the style of this. It has a very  nosferatu feel to it good job.


Thank you very much! Nosferatu was one of the main inspirations to it, nice to see people recognizing it.
Also, I think you accidently stumbled on a bug that teleported you to the ending haha, thank's! We will see exactly what happened and fix it.
And as always, really cool to see people playing the game!


Great game love the style and its very unique it has a bug or two there plus a note to other youtubers be careful as the chase music is copyright claimable. Overall I love what you made and made it right through with that ending 

Thank you so much, we thank you for your time in playing through the whole game!

We are aware that there is a few problems on our project, however we plan to update it in the near future.
As for the music, we didn't know that would cause copyright issues, we shall change it aswell.


Its a fun game  and you have talent so I can't wait to see more even an improvement on this style. I honestly can't wait to see what you make next as this game is really well made and love the style of it. 
As for the music I got copyright claimed on my vid there and looked up the music in the game to find out that it isn't royalty free. Still its great music so I know why you used it. Keep up the great work


Thank you so much, this really means a lot to the group. We are planning an overhaul to the game in a near future, we are collecting as much opinions and ideas as possible to improve it later. 
And it's always cool to see people's reactions to our games and seeing them creating something with someting we created, especially with the production you have done with a full intro and all, we really appreciate it!
And about the music, could you please inform us which song got copyrighted? I tought we got only royalty free music, but guess we were wrong about one.


Of course apparently its THIS song in your game. It says royalty free however the music creator states that he will be placing copyright claims on any youtube videos that has the music and its to "protect" his music not getting stolen. However thats not how copyright works. 

I am also happy to hear you all are creating more and improving. Which being a creator is all about. :) 

That's kinda weird, i believed it would be covered under fair use, but anyways thank you! We are also planning on making or own music for the game, so it will not be a problem in the future.


Pretty cool game. I couldn't figure out what to do with the key but i still had fun. Thanks!


We apreciate it Mr. Jason!

Sadly the game lacked some clarity (no pun intended) on how to go through it, and since we did not have much time to test it and put in all our ideas, our plan is to update and rework the game somewhere in the future.

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windows defenders block file ....

(3 edits)

Hello, does this happen only with our game or also with others you download?
And may i ask, are you using Windows 10 by any chance?

There is a few reports that Windows Defender from windows 10 blocks some unity builds for some unexplained reasons, we tested the game a few times and we found no problems in different systems.
Windows Defender can be kinda over protective sometimes, if the problem persists with other games, maybe using an antivirus could make it easier for giving permissions to new files, I have Avast and it also blocks games I download, but it gives the option to play it anyway, I personally recomend it over Windows Defender. And here is a way of giving permission to the exe https://www.windowscentral.com/how-exclude-files-and-folders-windows-defender-an...