Ver 1.1 - He is back... one more time.

Changelog - 2020-09-15

Game Balance:

  • Hogan Bullet speed reduced from 2.8 to 2.4
  • Enemy “Duke” health nerfed from 6 to 5.
  • Enemy “Shaggy” health buffed from 4 to 6.
  • Enemies weapon drop rate increased from 75% to 100%
  • Knife projectile collision size increased.
Life Quality Changes:
  • Added some measures for Ghandi Punchs vs Movement, now in theory you shouldn’t be able to walk while punching.
  • Added and fixed some Hit Effects.
  • Added punch sounds for Ghandi.
  • Added shoot sounds for Ghandi.
  • Changed the “depth” of some sprites, this will make sprites not render in front of ones that they aren’t supposed to.
  • Added a simple Checkpoint System.
  • Reworked on Main Menu intro, now you can skip the first screens by pressing “space”.

Bug Fixes:

  • Added some failsafe measures for specials, preventing bugs like the “flying kick lockstate”, this one needs further testing.
  • Fixed Hogan from shooting off screen.
  • Fixed "lockstate" when using special while holding a weapon .
  • Fixed not being able to execute a especial move with “WASD”.
  • Fixed "continues" number not decreasing on death.


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Sep 15, 2020

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