A downloadable game for Windows

My father made this game back in the 80s for the Intellivision but never finished it.A year ago i found the file for this game on a old computer and decided to finish the game and put it on the internet, it is a little bit buggy but it should work,i hope you like it!!!

Here goes the synopsis for the game:

The Princess has been kidnapped by the evil Necromancer Merlock and taken to Dungeon Keep!!!

Now King Medias has tasked you, the most skilled warrior of the land,to rescue the Princess and defeat Merlock the Necromancer!!!

I got the sounds from Sound Effects (Youtube channel) and Thunder Castle (1982 game from Mattel).

More information

Published79 days ago
Tags8-bit, Dungeon Crawler, glitch, Medieval, Singleplayer, Spooky, weird
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Extract the game with winrar or a similar program,and then enter the folder called Dungeon Keep and click the executable called Dungeon Keep to start the game.


Dungeon Keep.rar (2 MB)


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Really Liked the game, short but really fun and interesting. You really managed to capture the 80's game feel
Is there any way I can play it in windowed mode?


Thank you for the comment, and yes there is an unnoficial way to play in windowed mode, when the game is open press alt+enter, altough i dont know if the game plays properly in windowed mode since i designed it for fullscreen.


I really enjoyed this. I feel like the glitches would be more effective if you didn't include them in your screenshots.

The game is very good at what it's trying to do. I don't want to discuss it too much because spoilers, but well done.

Wow thank you for the kind comment,and i agree i should take off the screenshot with the glitches,thanks for the opinion!