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Dodge Dinosaurs in the Dark on this platformer where being in the light can mean your life or your death!

I have not made the songs for this game, i plan on them being only temporary until i can create my own, here are the sources from where i got them:


Instructions :
Button R - Resets level.
Button W - Moves selection up.
Button S - Moves selection down
Button A - Runs left / Moves selection left.
Button D - Runs right / Moves selection right.
Button Space - Jumps.
Button Enter - If on Main Menu or Level Select it accepts selected option. If on a level it Hits (you need a Lance).
Button Escape - If pressed on Main Menu it quits the game. If pressed on Level Select or on a level it goes to Main Menu.

If you start a New Game it will overwrite the only save slot the game has, so if you want to continue the game select Load Game or if you want to select an already beaten level Load the Game first then exit to Main Menu and then go to Level Select (i know its not very intuitive, i am working on finding a simpler way).

Unfortunately the secret Golden Heads do nothing as of yet, but i am going to give them a purpose on the future.

The game is still a little bit unfinished so if you find any bug or think that something can improve, please criticize at will :)

Install instructions

Decompress the file with rar or other software and then to start the game click on Dino Dark.exe, although it is recommended to read the Instructions before ;)


Dino Dark.rar 42 MB

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