Post Jam version.

Fixed some small problems and changed some things, like:

  • Game being too dark, now the player has a lantern;
  • Shooting and kicking being on weird buttons, now they are Ctrl and Shift.
  • Not being able to shoot down, the level design and spreading patterns for bullets has been changed to allow shooting down on enemies while holding Down (crouched);
  • Shooting while holding Up (both barrells) has a tighter spread pattern, so it's better for focused fire.
  • Shooting while jumping has been added;
  • Some added gore effects for when the enemies are hit;
  • (SPOILER) Not being able to defend yourself when the Hazmat suit soldiers try to shoot you in the end, there is no different ending, but now they can be killed after they start shooting.


They Grow v1.0.rar 36 MB
Feb 22, 2021

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hell yeah! these updates add that little bit more smoothness to the game.