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The game reminded me a lot of Hotline Miami. The game is very polished and you can tell a lot of thought went into it. The game is pretty confusing at first, I feel like a quick tutorial on the first level would be pretty nice. Like when you pick up an item it tells you what it does. (I'm still not sure what the green pickup does, is it money?) Overall, an amazing game for 1 week to make.

Thank you so much! Indeed, I had no time to put the  tutorial level I had planned originally, and the green, white and brown/red bricks are the drugs you have to confiscate, I also had no time to make that clear.
A lot of stuff was left out like being able to sell the drugs you confiscate and unlockables because of the time constraint. But I plan on updating this game until it reaches my original vision for it.
And thanks again for the comment, it's very kind!


good arcade 

Thanks for the video! It seems I forgot to update the player's location on the second to last level, it's not supposed to start right by the four cops, thanks to the video I will fix it!


;D yes ending damn .. want kill all cops ahahah impossibile ahhaahha

They are in the way anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯